Xlivebg (live wallpapers)

Project information: xlivebg is a live wallpaper framework, and collection of live wallpapers, for the X window system. xlivebg is independent of window managers and desktop environments, and should work with any of them, or even with no window manager at all.

Live wallpapers are a way to have an animated desktop background, instead of a simple static image. They are essentially programs which use OpenGL to display an animated moving image in place of the traditional wallpaper.

Live wallpapers are written as plugins for xlivebg. All X11-specific initialization, OpenGL context creation, and root window management are performend by xlivebg; the live wallpaper plugins need only provide a draw function, which is called by xlivebg at (approximately) fixed intervals.

For further information, build instructions, configuration and setup, and a guide for writing live wallpapers, refer to the manual: http://nuclear.mutantstargoat.com/sw/xlivebg/manual Also available under the doc directory in the source tree.

Name: Xlivebg
Homepage: http://nuclear.mutantstargoat.com/sw/xlivebg
License: GNU GPLv3
Upstream has been contacted: YES