Zathura vim like minimalistic pdf, djvu, and more document viewer

Project information:

Info: Zathura – An Open Source Document Viewer for Linux
Download: djvu support version:
License:GNU open source.
Upstream has been contacted: Yes i send email i ask for permission to add flatpak version, but now i wait for answer. Email adress is in contact menu on download page. You can also try contact on irc channel. Look [Community & Contact] on Homepage (i cant add more then 3 link becouse im new user.)

Hi can anyone create Zathura flatpack, with all posible pdf and djvu, txt, support together.
Thanks. I rly love that apps.

Zathura is like vim minimalistic UI almost same shortcut for view document in meny format, grat for scans like pdf and djvu, old format with awesome scan compresion without lost quality. Also suport cbr and cbz probably comic compresion format.