Zoom is not storing session or credentials


Im using the Flathub version of Zoom and getting to log each time I reboot or close zoom.

Didnt have this error with the snap version and want to know how to fixe it.

I create a issue on the repo but I have no repsonse there, and start wondering if its the right place to post that, I copy another issue that talks about the same thing.

Hope you could help me.


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This sounds like a Zoom issue. Make sure you’re not signed into the same Zoom account on multiple platforms (see this for more details)

Hi @dginovker thanks for answering.
I try using the sing out of all my devices button and then logging agains and happends the same.
Each time I close zoom need to log in again and re calibrate all the settings.
Could be some permissions that the app is not having?
I solve the background thing adding the permisson to the specific folder.

Uninstalling, removing the ~/.zoom and installing again solve the credentials storing.
Using flatseal to give access to the specific folder where we store the backgrounds solve the other problem.

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