Adopting code of conduct

Quoting bochecha from this issue:

To start with, yes, we absolutely should have Code of Conduct. Question is which and who should manage reports.

I don’t have a strong opinion on the which part. Flatpak uses Citizen Code of Conduct, KDE folks also have their own and IIRC some projects use Contributor Covenant.

I have reached out to GNOME CoC team and KDE community workgroup if they would be interested in helping out. Hopefully Tomaz from KDE will jump in here.


I lean towards adopting the KDE Code of Conduct. There has been some legitimate controversy surrounding both the Contributor Covenant and the GNOME Code of Conduct.

Lunduke’s video on the GNOME CoC:

Reddit comments, which are (surprisingly) mostly civil:

The KDE CoC uses straight forward English, while both the GNOME and CC have very ‘American’ English, using words and tone that would not easily translate or be understood by non-Americans.

There is also a lot of discussion concerning pigeonholing discriminatory behaviour in the Contributor Covenant. This makes both enforcement harder, and it also makes people forget that other forms of discrimination are also not tolerated. KDE sitesteps this issue by explaining, in more detail what the intent is of the Code of Conduct.

KDE expresses itself a lot more in a Civil Law manner, and not in a Common Law manner: intent and judgement over hard rules.

I fully support the idea of adopting a Code of Conduct, and I think we should certainly make a clear statement about what kind of group we want to be. Thus, if this comes down to voting, I’ll put my vote on KDE’s policy statement.

I’m old fashioned enough not to want to spend 20 minutes on listening to YouTube video…

Unless anyone is unhappy about it, I will poke Tomaz to move forward with adopting KDE’s CoC soonish.


Hey, is there any update on adopting the KDE Code Of Conduct?

I was checking the Project Wiki and I realised that I could not find it anywhere. It would be nice to have a CoC in place as the project is continuing to grow.