Download error, GPG verification enabled, but no signatures found

Hello folks,

Moving across from Windows to Linux Mint, installed two packages without problems from Flathub via Software manager, however Brave browser is proving problematic.

These are the two error messages below:

Error pulling from repo: GPG verification enabled, but no signatures found (use gpg-verify=false in remote config to disable)

While pulling runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default/x86_64/23.08 from remote flathub: Error reading data from TLS socket: Decryption has failed.

Searching for these error codes there are one of two resolutions, but tbh I am not sure what the command line strings mean or what they are actually doing.

There is another thread with a similar message which maybe related:

Unable to load summary from remote flathub: GPG verification

Installing from APT repository works okay but would rather have Flatpak for consistency, thanks

It took a few attempts but with each try it progressed a little more, eventually installing.

Admin, please close or mark ‘solved’ - thanks