Dropbox Flatpak on Ubuntu 23.04

Installed Flatpak Dropbox client on a new instance of Ubuntu 23.04 and have followed the advice provided in Dropbox autostart which now includes the icon in the System Tray.
However, there is an issue which I’d like to get to the bottom of.
Ubuntu has two Desktop Environments - Wayland and Xorg (X11) by default.
When logged in using Wayland, the systray icon appears and after the first use shortly after logging in, the Dropbox menu requires a double click to appear and is placed randomly on the screen. After some time, the menu will appear correctly below the systray icon persistently.
When logged in using Xorg however, whilst the systray icon appears as expected, clicking it does nothing although after an undefined period, the menu appears as it should.
Is there a setting I am missing somewhere? Dropbox is clearly running but why does it take so much time to catch up to a point where it is useable? Is there a Flatpak setting somewhere which speeds up this process?