EOL Runtime working team?

There are more than 100 apps that use EOL runtimes.

Is there any working group to update them to a supported version?

It would be good to notify at least verified developers to update their apps.

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Most of the maintainers went MIA and probably a good chunk won’t work anymore. I don’t think it is a good idea to wake each one up with a runtime update.

If you’re interested in updating them, I suggest choosing the ones you care about and can test.

I learn by poking my nose into the kitchen to smell food. I will try to update some of them when I have spare time. My problem is that there are no maintainers to validate the results.

notify at least verified developers to update their apps

I’d appreciate it if someone notified me.

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The typical approach is to ping me on GitHub if there’s no response to a PR. I do some light testing and merge runtime updates.

I’ll be working on another issue on libgweather for a few days, and will return for more updates.