Flathub beta is storing old versions of software

As I have demonstrated for snapcraft.io at http://forum.snapcraft.io/t/26438 and http://forum.snapcraft.io/t/26440, one of its greatest problems for testers such as me is its developmental “tracks” (repositories in the case of flathub.org) are more often than not severely outdated for all but the most important/crucial and popular software. This is also true for flathub-beta, for software such as Bitwarden and Element, which are approximately one and two versions behind their respective stable counterparts.

Therefore, I am proposing that there be any system that somehow does incentivise maintainers of such software to update them for the beta repository. Or, better yet, for software whose versions are merely numbered decimally, automatically update when a newer version is available via the stable repository.

These two projects don’t have any beta branch.
Element is up-to-date and its history shows that it’s frequently updated.
Same for Bitwarden.

It seems you took the wrong examples.

Wait, you’re right:

$ flatpak remote-ls flathub-beta | grep -i riot
Riot	im.riot.Riot	1.5.4	beta
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Added a report here

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