How to host an already built flatpak application


I have an open source app packaged as a flatpak package using BuildStream. Last time I asked, it wasn’t possible to use flathub to build flatpak apps using BuildStream. If it is still the case, can I sync my ostree repo hosted elsewere with flathub ? Should I use extra-data for this purpose ?

Thank you very much for your help.

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The solution I found to my problem was to export the flatpak app content to a tarball stored on Gitlab Pages like this :

ostree checkout -U --repo=public/flatpak app/com.gitlab.inendi.Inspector/x86_64/main public/flatpak_app && cd public/flatpak_app && tar -I lbzip2 -cf "$CI_PROJECT_DIR/public/inendi-inspector_flatpak.tar.bz2"

And then copy its content to the flatpak app to be stored on flathub like this :