List of tutorials we need

I’m going through some of the older posts and trying to determine some bang-for-the-buck tutorials we could make so that we can link people to them. Some ideas here.

  • How to use Flatseal
  • How to uninstall an application (include data management too like if someone wants to totally remove data too)
  • How to enable and use flathub-beta and how to remove it
  • How to test when a new application is built
    • The bot on flathub posts when a build is available for an app, it’d be nice to have that in a tutorial so that users know how to test a build in order to give feedback, but we’ll also need instructions on how to move back to an official build.
  • How to ensure GNOME Software is configured correctly for Flathub
  • How to ensure KDE Discover is configured correctly for Flathub
  • EOL notices for runtimes
    • The default text works for experienced users, but it’s also scary, perhaps we can make something friendlier
  • How to report an application is doing something unexpected - some tips on how best to approach an upstream or something might be useful
  • How to report an abandoned app? - If a repo is abandoned and I report an issue on that repo and no one is watching those issues then what happens? The wiki has instructions on how a maintainer can remove an app, we just need to cover when someone leaves completely.
  • How to host an already built flatpak application
  • (Feel free to add a tutorial you’d like to see here)

If you’re interested in any one of these please post here or just submit one. All the posts in this category are wikis so we can improve them over time. Let’s try to use screenshots whenever possible too.


How to make a CLI Flatpak app?

Added Using flathub-beta - Tutorials and Tips - Flathub Discourse (first draft)


Flatpak plugins. I think this might need a user guide and a dev guide. There is Flatpaking application plugins | TingPing’s blog but not sure if we would want something that’s more official.

We do - a good first step here would be to go through the ‘blog documentation’ that we have on tingping, alex etc’s blogs and hoist it up.

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If people start linking up blogs I can look at each one, generalize it and work with the author to toss it on here, keep them coming!

This one looks good too:

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Yeah there’s definitely room for improvement. There’s a bug report about it here: