Missing applications and features

Hello. I am an Ubuntu user and I am slowly migrating my applications from snap to flatpak.
The applications that I miss to migrate completely are: The various browsers (Firefox, Brave, Chromium, Opera), qelectrotech.
The functionality that I lack is to be able to remove permissions to applications, for example in Opera, Firefox browsers, I like to remove permission for the home user (the home of the application resides on /snap/APP/) and I do it comfortably from the software GNOME center or discover on KDE.
Thanks to anyone who will take the time to answer me.


About removing permissions to applications, see: https://discourse.flathub.org/t/flatpak-permissions-gui/40
bu it can also be done via command line: https://docs.flatpak.org/en/latest/flatpak-command-reference.html (search here for “permission”)

For a Firefox flatpak there’s this thread: https://discourse.flathub.org/t/firefox-flatpak-request/38
and Mozilla is working on it, see for example bugzilla bugs 1441922 and 1591387.
Request thread for Chromium: https://discourse.flathub.org/t/chromium-flatpak-request/87
No idea about the other browsers or qelectrotech.

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Hi, I’ve been working on a qelectrotech flatpak for some time, upstream is aware and interested in it.

I have something working which I need to send upstream when I find the time.

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qelectrotech is available https://github.com/flathub/org.qelectrotech.QElectroTech

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